Creative Tuesdays: This Old Barn

Normally I just doodle little/weird/crazy/abstract designs, but this week I tried my hand at sketching for the first time. Thanks to the art co-op, Creative Tuesdays, for inspiring me to test my limits.

Although I don’t love the sketch… I don’t completely hate it either. This is my take on the theme “This Old Barn.”



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8 thoughts on “Creative Tuesdays: This Old Barn

  1. Well I think your “first” sketch won’t be your last. You did a great job…Like the fence too and the puffy clouds. I love CT as it stretches all of us. So glad you’re with us. Welcome.


  2. “Although I don’t love the sketch… I don’t completely hate it either.” — LOL. Too funny, Kendall. That is so you. Takes the biscuit, really. Anyway, I am THRILLED no end to have your lil’ piece here be a part of CT and see you doodling. It’s good to activate one’s right side of the brain in other ways. Patterns can work great for that but so can actual drawings. So, thank you so much for stating this wordpress and pressing in, so to speak! 🙂

    There is something awesome going on here and I’ve been trying to figure out just what it is….but I finally figured it out! It’s those am amazingly OMINOUS cotton candy like clouds beginning to form around the this old barn and it’s farmland. The bark confident lines juxtapose well against the faded, perhaps timid(?) lines of the fence which blend out into the negative space as in fact any good painting will do. It may not have been intentional, I realise that, but being that the fence is straight, it adds dimension in a way one would not suspect, which also adds to the “cool surprise” element of this darling lil’ rendition.

    you know, it would be SOOOOooo fun to see this coloured in. I can picture how one might do it but it would be curious to see how you might. In fact, I am picturing pink clouds and lime green grass. Almost David Hockney like. you see….you can push it as far as you want…or keep it to a drawing as you have it now. Either way, you’ve allowed your imagination muscle to flex. Keep flexing! Thank you for playing along and her’s hoping you join in the next theme which will be quite autumnal really…and pretty easy too in comparison with a readily available object. Stay tuned….



    • Hi Kendall– I really like this piece! I firstly love that it’s in black and white; so often barns are always red, so it’s nice to see something that veers off from what one’s expectations would be. Although if you ever did color it, it would still be very nice. I like the stark angular line work of the barn, and then the puffy clouds. It makes me think of an animation cell, where the next frame shows a piggy or some other barn animal hopping into the frame. I know you feel iffy about the sketch, but I think it’s a lovely job! Looking forward to seeing more of your work on here. <3, Donna


  3. Kendall, I think it’s great! I love your fence and your clouds – anyone could float away on! Keep at it and I/we hope to see you back at C.T. every 2 weeks! Hope you’re doing well! 🙂


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